The 11th anniversary of Snowman Co., Ltd

Date:2016-11-23 10:10:31 | Back to list
On December 31, 2011, Staff of Snowman Co., Ltd has celebrated the 11th anniversary of Snowman Co., Ltd. The celebration is simple but atmosphere is fervent. there are songs and dances, as well as acrobatics shows are performed by artists from provincial and municipal literature and art troupe, and also shows programmed and performed by employees. Staffs are enjoying the shows while having their lunch. Lucky draw through the activity has warmed atmosphere and enhanced staff’s enthusiasm. Cheerful and harmonious atmosphere run through the celebration activity.
President Lin Rujie has made a speech for the anniversary. Lin reviewed the history of the company, and reviewed the hard development course of the company from an individual workshop to a large company standing out in national capital market. He owes the company’s success to leaders at all level of the company and fellow countrymen who have given significant support and shown their loving care for the company, as well as all employees who contribute to the company cautiously and conscientiously during its 11 years of development. He encouraged all employees to continue to exert their effort and to work hard, and expressed his hope of strengthening the brand recognition of “Snowkey” by guided by technical innovation, relying on domestic market and taking full advantage of capital market, so as to return society, all shareholders and employees with Snowman’s excellent performance.