Service Tenet

Based on the company's service purpose, in order to meet all customer’s needs, Snowman provide customers with technical advice, technical guidance, program design, product design and production, installation, commissioning, warranty service, system maintenance, system upgrades, equipment maintenance, spare parts supply, technical training and other services.

Pre-sale service

Snowman has advanced refrigeration technology and a large number of skilled R & D , design, manufacturing teams, dedicated to the field of R & D and manufacturing of refrigeration; solve problems occurring in refrigeration by continuous technological and managerial innovation, pursuit the leading position of the product, apply the most advanced design and manufacturing technology to the manufacture of refrigeration equipment, so as to continue to lead the global leading refrigeration technology.

After years of development and efforts, Snowman has successfully created a large number of high quality refrigeration projects The company is dedicated to offer customer with full technical advice on refrigeration and answers to related questions for free; to provide scientific, applicable, optimized design, according to the actual needs of each customer and environment of the field.

In-sale service

After knowing customers’ needs, the Snowman will send professional, experienced design and manufacturing teams to carefully identify and meet the actual needs of customers; combine the need with Snowman’s advanced design and processing technology as well as all-time tracking, based on quality to provide customers with products they need.

After the design and manufacture is finished, Snowman will send skilled, professional engineering and technical team to the customer location, and guide the installation of refrigeration equipment and related systems and commission the equipment according to the actual situation where the customer is, to make the equipment achieve the best operational status.

After completing the commissioning, the Snowman engineering and technical personnel will offer customer's technical staff with systematic and comprehensive training and guidance of related refrigeration principle, equipment operating methods and solution to common problems.

After-sale Service

When customer use the equipment in the warranty period, for various quality problems caused by product design, manufacturing or raw materials, Snowman offers free repair or part replacement service.

To prevent the device from potential failures and damages when being used, and to prolong service life of equipment and improve equipment efficiency, Snowman will design equipment maintenance program according to the actual need of the customer based on the use time of the equipment and system operation status.

Snowman is committed to applying advanced refrigeration technology to products, to provide customers with more high-quality, energy-efficient, environmental and technological products, and to provide customers with equipment system upgrade service, in

accordance with technological developments and changes in demand and etc.

According to the actual needs of customers and the actual operation of products, the Snowman will provide customers with a complete set of maintenance and service for refrigeration equipment and refrigeration systems. Snowman's complete international service outlets and numerous supply outlets of spare parts will ensure and facilitate repair and maintainteance of customers' equipment.