ORC Stand- alone Power Plant

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ORC Stand- alone Power Plant Features
●  Oil- free system, no need for oil- separator;
●  Small in size, low in noise;
●  Wide application ranges;
●  Available for variable working conditions;
●  Using SRM newest profile, with high mechanical efficiency;
●  Excellent sealing, low disturbance of operation;
●  Safe and reliable grid connection;
●  Compact design, less land occupation,less engineering implementation work;
●  Low maintenance cost, easy and simpleoperation;
●  Stable performance, with high heat conversion efficiency;
●  Remote control, unattended operation.
ORC Stand- alone Power Plant Working Principles

ORC Stand- alone Power Plant Main Components


ORC Stand- alone Power Plant Technical Data

Note: All data are approximate and to be verified in actual design for each individual case.

Example of performance data for the Opcon Powerbox ORC- series

The table illustrates the possibilities by the Opcon Powerbox’s ORC- range of different performance ratings.
Due to the flexibility of the product, the OPB, also other conditions may be established for the different rating classes.