WST Stand- alone Power Plant

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High temperature and pressure dry or wet saturated steam or other gases directly accesses the screw expander and pushes it to work, which guarantees the maximum electricity output under certain steam pressure and conditions. The steam from the expander outlet can be utilized for the after coming process or for recycling according to customers’requirements.
WST Stand- alone Power Plant Features
●  Oil- free system, no need for oil- separator;
●  Small in size, low in noise;
●  Wide application ranges;
●  Available for variable working conditions;
●  Using SRM newest profile, with high mechanical efficiency;
●  Excellent sealing, low disturbance of operation;
●  Safe and reliable grid connection;
●  Compact design, less land occupation, less engineering implementation work;
●  Low maintenance cost, easy and simple operation;
●  Stable performance, with high heat conversion efficiency;
●  Remote control, unattended operation.
WST Stand- alone Power Plant Working Principles

WST Stand- alone Power Plant Main Components


WST Stand- alone Power Plant Technical Data

Note: All data are approximate and to be verified in actual design for each individual case.

Example of performance data for the Opcon Powerbox WST- series

The table illustrates the possibilities by the Opcon Powerbox’s WST- range of different performance ratings.
Due to the flexibility of the product, the OPB, also other conditions may be established for the different rating classes.